It’s World Mental Health Day: Getting Everyone the Care They Need

Calico Jack reminds us of World Mental Health Day

The Psy of Life

I’ve noticed that people are more open to talking about the mental health needs of themselves and others since last year’s World Mental Health Day. Yes, we’re looking at you, Michelle Obama,Naomi Osaka,Simone Biles, Owen Wilson, and Bella Hadid. who all disclosed or expounded their struggles with mental health issues in the media during the past year. While some got a little more publicity than others, they all have helped “normalize” mental health issues.

I’ve notice my social media feed — that maybe because I’m such a mental health kinda guy, though — is full of people disclosing their own mental health issues, struggles with mental health, and reaching out to support others. So, if you’ve got a mental health story that you’d like to tell go ahead and put it in the comments. Hell…

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