Covid vaccine mistrust is fueling a spike in rural deaths. Here’s what’s fueling the mistrust. — NBC News

Calico Jack – Opinions about an opinion

The Psy of Life

I don’t usually reblog opinion pieces, especially from mainstream media, but this one really caught my eye… on several levels. While the writer is right that the cause of vaccine hesitancy and mistrust is the vacuum of reliable information that the medical profession and media used to fill in rural America. He does a masterful job of outlining the decades of underfunding of rural hospitals and medical systems and the declining numbers of hospitals, clinics, doctors, and nurses providing services in rural communities. It is all true. We’ve badly underfunded rural medical care and ignored the growing problems it has caused since Reagan took office. Odd how so many of today’s severe ills trace their roots back to Reagan’s daemon seed, hunh?

He also outlines the decline of local news outlets. The bankrupting of local newspapers…

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