Shadow of Regret – Donna Matthews

A case of having nothing to fear but fear itself?

Brave & Reckless

You’re familiar with the ugly duckling story, yes? Well, mine is a similar tale. But there’s no happy ending for me so listen up.

I was a normal caterpillar from regular butterfly parents. We lived in a backyard with plenty of sun, grass, and milkweed. But when the time came for me to pupa, I didn’t look like the others. My dark chrysalis was a little rounder, a little taller, and well, dark. Instead of the gorgeous sage green of the others, my chrysalis was a dark amethyst, like a night orchid. I spent my pupa days in anxiety and fear. What was wrong with me? Why was this happening? And then the day arrived when it was time to leave the chrysalis. Terrified to show my violet wings, I hid within the lavender plant. I hid until my days were almost up. Having never enjoyed flight, friends, nectar, or…

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