We Have Always Lived in the Castle II – Robert G Wertzler

Meeting the Trolls

Brave & Reckless

On the hill called Dachaigh Nan Trolls (or, Heimorr crollsrinn in some Viking records), there stood a castle. Its oldest standing parts dated to the 11th Century, but the hill held marks of an older timber motte and bailey version, an even more ancient hill fort, and perhaps an original settlement of houses typical of the period of Stonehenge’s building. The country around was beautiful in that wild way of the Highlands, but not much agricultural use except for grazing sheep and the hardy Highlands cattle. From the castle towers and walls there was a wide view of the nearby North Sea. It was a land’s end sort of place.

The hill and its castle, as well a quite span of the surrounding land, were getting a new owner. The old Laird (formally, a titled Thane) had died just shy of a century of age. He had spent freely…

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