We Have Always Lived in a Castle – Georgiann Carlson

Castle life

Brave & Reckless

I’ve never lived anyplace else
we have always lived in a castle
I was born inside these walls
you might think that’s a wonderful thing
but let me tell you
it’s not
the castle is cold
and damp
in fall and winter
and it can be positively broiling hot
in the summer
there’s no air conditioning
so sleep is something that only
drops by now and then
either I’m freezing
and covered with blankets
or I’m soaking wet
not even bothering with a sheet
and there are no window panes
or screens
so it’s either windy
or there’s no breeze at all
but there are plenty of bugs
and birds flying in and out
sometimes even bats
I usually keep the windows covered
with cloth
or blankets
depending on the time of year
so it’s often dark
a lot of the time
and there are a million stairs

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