We Have Always Lived in a Castle II – Georgiann Carlson

Some problems with castle life

Brave & Reckless

I’ve never known any other home. We’ve always lived in the castle, one generation after another, after yet another. I’m not sure how we came to be here, but this is where we are. We share the place with bats and other lovely creatures, and while our staff comes and goes, the creatures continue to stay. I guess you could say they’re more like pets, than anything else.

We’re all late risers, but it hardly matters, since we’re constantly shrouded in fog and dreariness. Personally, I think we should sell the place and move to America. Sometimes I feel as if I’ll be stuck hereforever.

There are no shops nearby, at least none that sell the latest fashions. I order everything on line, but it takes ages to get the packages, because no one wants to deliver them. I don’t know what the big deal is. People act…

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