Worst Mom – Pallavi

Vampires and Vegetables

Brave & Reckless

Photo byMatheus BertellifromPexels

Children of Culver neighborhood
keep your doors locked and windows shut
The night before Halloween when you will be in your bed
at the witching hour will come out the dead
A Vampire, from the 18th century
will once again roam your streets and alleys
He comes to life each fall on the day,
five months after the end of May
The cold air you feel on your neck, is him breathing
sneaks up when you go trick or treating
Children roaming alone at night are his biggest feast
slimy fingers tummies filled with candies,
pops and gummies stuck to teeth all are his favorite meat
Now there’s one way to save yourselves
eat broccoli beans carrots and peas
Greens are his biggest nightmare
while opening of wrappers makes his mouth melt
So children of Culver neighborhood
are you listening…
If you don’t believe…

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