White As Snow II – Robert G. Wertzler

Enough peopling for the day

Brave & Reckless

A limousine pulled up to the portico of the castle on its promontory above the sea. A woman stepped out, accepting the offer hand of the footman (a certain class has, even in this modern world, its rituals). She was, as usual, garbed all in pure white, very expensive looking white. On this occasion, there was an evening gown, closely, but not too closely fitted to a frame that somehow seemed both slender and robust (some would say “athletic” without trying to specify the sport), and a full length cape with a high, flared collar, and a hat that might suggest horns or a double crest. Between the hat and the collar, one could see a bit of hair, white almost to the point of transparent. Her face revealed one no longer young, lined, but not sagging or looking fragile, and a pale complexion. If she were standing perfectly still…

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