Down A Dark Hall II – Robert G. Wertzler

A realio, trulio, but not a pet

Brave & Reckless

“Is this that I see your true appearance, your real shape?” Margie asked.

“No, and it does take a bit of effort to maintain. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a break. Do you think you are ready to see the real me?” Elurra replied.

“I’m all but consumed with curiosity. Yes.”

“Then we should go over to the old castle. Revealing that in here could be hard on what is now your furniture.”

“Let’s go then.”

“OK. We’ll go by the secret way.” Elurra said, rising.

They came to a tunnel behind a trick panel. When the panel closed behind them it was completely dark.”

Standing there, Margie observed, “Maybe we should go back and get a flashlight.”

Ellura said, “No need. Watch this.” Her glamour began to glow, growing bright enough to see around them. “Now, you try. Visualize it.”

Margie’s surrounding glamour flickered feebly and then became…

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