Nights at the Circus II – Georgiann Carlson

Justice at the circus

Brave & Reckless

there wasn’t a single thing about going to a circus that she liked
and she really hated going to the circus at night
night was creepy enough
without adding clowns to the mix
she hated the way the animals were forced to work
and do things animals weren’t meant to do
all for the benefit of humans
she really hated that
so she dressed in black
pulled her hair into a pony tail
and clipped it with a silver rune
then she left
for an evening performance of 
she arrived 
and walked past the box office
no one could see her 
I mean she was a witch
after all
so she started to chant
she chanted for the elephants
for the lions and tigers 
and for the monkeys
she chanted for all of the animals
then she blew silver dust over the main…

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