How the GQP Divisive Politics is Destroying the American Way of Life

Calico Jack – healing a divide

The Psy of Life

When you boil life down to its bare minimum, all of life, for every living organism on the planet consists of two tasks: (1) finding something, killing it, and eating it; and (2) reproducing — forgive me for not using a crude parallel construction to the first task… or maybe, thank me. You decide, and let me know, in the comments!

For human beings fulfilling these two primary objectives involves working as a group. To succeed, our groups need to have several things: (1) We have to have a shared culture — belief systems that bind us together as a group. (2) Widespread agreement in the social contract, or the normative (normal) behaviors that we all practice in the same social situations. And (3) the ability to distinguish between fellow group members and non-members.

The first two allow for cooperation between members and the third for protection against threats. All…

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