Magic For Beginners – Robert G. Wertzler

History and caution

Brave & Reckless

Sister Abigail-1 (Nobody had yet figured out why Sisters always appeared in same named threes) surveyed the three new girls. She could feel their gifts, their powers, just beginning to stir, felt it more clearly than they yet could. Still, it was enough to begin, before uncontrolled power would become dangerous, become tempting to abuse, or overturn a vulnerable mind. She thought about that sweet and devout French girl so long ago, wished they could have gotten to her before fame and politics put her on a pyre. Then there were those confused girls in Salem, another missed chance. “Well”, she thought, “even a goddess can’t be everywhere all the time, even with nymphs and witches to help.” She took a breath and introduced herself.

“My name is Abigail. Actually, that is not the name I was given at birth which was in a now long-dead language, but close enough…

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