The Position – Padre

A very particular diner

Brave & Reckless

Sally was surprised when she was approached at her final weeks at the culinary academy by a tall, grey countenanced man with a clipped English accent. He inquired if she had as of yet secured a position for after her upcoming graduation.

She said she had not and the man handed her a business card, and said that his “master,” would very much like to secure her services as a private cook. This was a bit of a surprise for Sally, as she had seen herself working in a fine restaurant or five star hotel, not a private home.

It seems word had gotten out of the “Grey Man’s” approach and the interview she had booked at the Michelin star restaurant that she had arranged, was abruptly cancelled. Other fine establishments didn’t even return her calls.

In desperation, and with student loans to consider, she rang the number on the…

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