MAGA Nation Traumatized and Why You Should Care

Calico Jack – The trauma of the MAGA

The Psy of Life

Much of this post is based on the work of the psychiatrist and trauma expert, Bassel van der Kolk. While a clear distinction exists between PTSD and trauma there is a lot of overlap as well. Because of this overlap, I do tend to use the terms interchangeably.

When I first started exploring van der Kolk’s work on trauma and PTSD, I was struck by three things:

  • How traumatized MAGA Nation is by the propaganda, lies, distortions, and disinformation of the GQP.
  • The role of shame and humiliation plays in traumatizing MAGA Nation.
  • And, that we are all living through a very traumatizing time in our national and world history between climate change and extreme weather events, the demise of our democracy and the loss of status…

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