Whaz Up!?! The Anniversary of Robert Johnson’s Blues Recording at the Gunter Hotel

Calico Jack reminds of important dates, celebrates weight loss, and shares interesting links.

The Psy of Life

howdy y’all!

It’s been a week with big news!

From the States: Rittenhouse exposes just how fucked up our gun laws are, the House passes the Build Back Better Bill, VP Kamala Harris wields presidential power, however briefly, as the first woman to do so, Steve Bannon is arrested, and President Biden had a birthday!

In Cambodia:

  • It was a short work week thanks to the Water Festival celebrating the end of the rainy season, which hasn’t ended yet because of climate change, and the famous dragon boat races commemorating the victory of King Jayavarman VII’s navy over the Champa navy on the Tonle Sap Lake liberating Cambodia from their domination in 1181. The battle is depicted on the walls of Angkor Wat.
  • We also had the opening of the country to tourism. Anyone able to demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated may enter…

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