A challenge, and (perhaps) love?

Brave & Reckless

Dash was sitting in the coffee shop
staring at the red notebook in his hands
it was afternoon 
but so dark 
christmas lights were shinning
through the steamed up window next to him
he had left his notebook
on the counter of the shop 
when he picked up coffee
on his way to work
she found it 
read it
and left a note
the barista 
told him she didn’t remember 
what the woman looked like
they were too busy
for her to notice
he ordered another coffee 
and read her note 
To the author of this journal:
by describing the woman 
of your dreams
in such great detail
you will be so intent upon finding her
that you will ignore the love of your life
even as she stands in front of you
open the doors of your mind
and let chance walk in
you’re closing yourself off

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