Old book; New world; And things that don’t change.

Brave & Reckless

“Austen should have titled the book, Prim and Proper,” said Lynne, sarcastically.
“It was different era,” said Nan, walking faster.
“Why do wealwayshave to read sucholdbooks? I don’t even feel like going to the stupid book club tonight. It’s cold out, and everything is soboring,” whined Lynne.“I mean Darcy, or Fitz, as his posse probably called him…”
“I don’t think Darcy had a posse,” snickered Nan. “I don’t think anyone would have called him Fitz, either.”
“Fitz would be better than Fitzwilliam, don’t you agree? I watched the movie and when Darcy walked across the field at the end…he wassohot.”
“They didn’t call guys hot, when Austen was alive.”
I’m not living in those times,” said Lynne,“and neither are you. So, when he finally reaches her, they touch foreheads. He doesn’t even kiss her.”
“Well, that was supposed to show that…

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