playlist for the apocalypse – Georgiann Carlson

Georgiann Carlson has a playlist

Brave & Reckless

WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER?” asked the teacher

“I do,” said the little girl, in the front row.  “I WANT IT ALL.”

“Maybe you can build A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN,” said the boy next to her.

“I don’t know,” said another kid, nervously.  “I feel a BAD MOON RISING.”

“I IMAGINE that’s not a good omen,” sighed the teacher.

IT’S A SIGN OF THE TIMES,” muttered a girl, shaking her head.

IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT,” said the teacher, sadly

“I’m going to live SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW,” said one of the twins, tapping his pencil on his desk.

“I guess it’s GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, since it won’t lead anywhere,” said a boy with glasses too big for his small face.

SOMEDAY, we might return,” said the teacher.  “But, IT’S…

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