Christine’s Tried and True Process for Creating a Poetry/Prose Manuscript

Christine Ray tells how to create a manuscript that can have a chance of getting published.

Brave & Reckless

Now that I have had a little time to get past the mad 2021 publishing rush and the holidays, I have started thinking about the exciting projects Indie Blu(e) Publishings has lined up for. Every publishing journey starts with a manuscript and creating the first draft of a poetry/prose collection can feel very daunting. I know I felt completely overwhelmed and ill-prepared when my writing mentor suggested that I was ready to put out my first book. Thankfully, I received some fabulous advice from published poets Nicole Lyons and Rana Kelly about how to assemble a manuscript that I still rely on. Creating a manuscript that gets published is a process. This is a process that may take you a long weekend or it could take months- I suggest that you take as much time with this as you need.

Please keep in mind that every publisher will have…

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