Winter Glow and Soft New Life Photography

Tara Caribou has photos

Raw Earth Ink

The winter glow is like magic to my soul. I find myself unable to look away. The chill buries itself in my bones, but it’s not unwelcome. Gone are the long overheated days of summer with its unrelenting sun rays and sweat on my brow. These are the days of hibernation, of introspection, of root growth.

Winter (and autumn) are my favorite seasons, which is one of the many reasons I live here in Alaska. Where I live, it’s about six months long and I love it.

I also got a precious little bundle of gifts when my one of my rabbits had a litter of kits the last day of the year. I’m in love with these little guys. I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

No filters. Just gorgeous sunset reflection and dark clouds overhead.

Sunset ice glow.

You know it’s cold when there’s sea ice.

I like…

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