ALL THAT SHE CARRIED – Robert G. Wertzler

Things carried

Brave & Reckless

Going from, going to, or both
She carried just a few things or many
She carried the visible and the invisible
She carried in pockets
She carried in suitcase
She carried in bags
She carried in pack
She carried in hands
She carried in memory
She carried in hope
She carried in fear
She carried all she could
She carried as far as she could
She carried until she could carry no more
She carried until all she carried was lost
She carried until someone took it all
Where is all that she carried now?
All that she carried that was material
It all is scattered on desert sand
(Which desert, which continent?)
(Does it matter which?)
It all sits in some police locker
Or a border post trash bin
Or in some bandit’s truck
Or in the snow of a frozen forest
Or sunk in the sea
Or washed…

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