Betty White: Much Loved and Much Missed

Calico Jack remembers Betty White.

The Psy of Life

2021 saved its dirtiest trick for last and took Betty White from us 18 days before her 100th birthday. It was a day that was much anticipated by her legions of adoring fans around the world. So much was posted on social media that back in the day we woulda said that those folks were jinxing it. Others attributed her early exit to her exquisite comedic timing. Whatever the reason White was taken from us before any of us were ready, join Ye Olde Blogge in celebrating her life and legacy.

Most of us know her from her later roles on the TV and the big screen:

  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show: My personal favorite and a show that influenced me a lot because of its early feminist commentary and my mother being a single-head of household. I thought I’d mentioned it in a post once, but if I did…

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