The Point of Democracy is not Re-election or the First Nail in the Democracy Coffin

Calico Jack – Democracy and reelection

The Psy of Life

I’ve been searching for two things this week: (1) time and (2) a way to address our slide into single-party, pseudo-democratic, minority-rule authoritarianism. Time because we had an entire grade level and their teachers go into quarantine due to a student getting #COVID19. It means that we lost ten teachers who taught other grade levels than the just one. While they can teach from home, someone has to facilitate and supervise in the room. The extra duties and supervision issues has made everyday this week seem like three. I swear, on Tuesday I honestly thought it was Thursday by the end of the day. You know how you’ve got a kind of internal clock measuring these things matching your usual body sensations to the usual events of the week. Whine, whine, wine, wine…

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