For Better or For Worse

Tara Caribou – An adversary

Raw Earth Ink

desperate dreams spread their gossamer threads across my mind, penetrating and perpetuating visions of grandeur. disgusted, or perhaps disappointed, I cast them far, flung open handed and wide. can’t win for losing, a voice whispers, but I snap my fingers and laugh sarcastically. or is it sardonically. either way, these dreams stole the tears from my eyes, the voice from my lips, ink from my pen, soul-sucking, and underwhelming in its methodical deviance. there was a time when I listened. there was a time I believed every word uttered under cover of night and in dark alleys. now I know better. now I’ve given everything and betrayal rose up and stuck its tongue down my throat. gossamer threads of memory and longing. silky threads to entice and woo. well, no longer. one day I dropped the special glasses and smashed them under my heel and lo and behold, my unholy…

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