SOLACE – Georgiann Carlson

Finding the right place

Brave & Reckless

“You new in town?” asked the big, gruff, bearded guy, at the front desk.
She nodded.  “I thought a town called Solace would be a good place for a broken heart.”
She smiled.  “No, but thanks for asking.”
“I suppose I should warn you,” he said, passing a room key her way.  “This is an old fashion town, one that doesn’t actually reflect is name.”
“You mean I won’t find comfort here?”
“I seriously doubt it,” he chuckled.  “If that’s really what your looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place. See, this town is a place where bad people come, to do bad things.  Either that, or they’re hiding from the law, or just wanting a good night’s sleep among their own kind.”
“And what kind are you?” she asked, 
“I’m what you call a mediator,” he said.  “When something happens…

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