Anger Displayed Poetically – Taylor Grace

Some see, some don’t

Brave & Reckless

Hard bites
Jaw clinched
Arms crossed
Rigid posture
Heaviness looming
Pasted on smile
Her body
Her eyes
They tell the story she isn’t speaking
Air is filled with tension
He is oblivious
That’s how you know
Not a perfect match
How do I see
A stranger
Reading her body
Her silence
Her movements
She must be mad
She is a beautiful disaster brewing
Waiting to explode
I’m intrigued
Anger displayed poetically

Some days a domestic goddess, and other days a lost woman that still hasn’t bothered to brush her hair. My journey is full of life’s whimsical tales, love, laughter, heartache, trauma, passion, fantasy and everything in between. My writing is raw, sometimes too raw but I write it anyways, it’s my truth, my voice and I will share it. I’ve been described as honest, even complicated and have a whole lot of sassy undertones, so things get interesting, even…

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She Must Be Mad – Marie Prichard

A mad word

Brave & Reckless

She is a lady, a loving wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and an educated, contributing member of society. And fuck is her favorite word.

Is she mad?

Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck you. Fuck it. A well-placed fuck used alone, as a noun or as a verb, makes all the difference in the world when she’s expressing herself.

When she’s in a good mood, she likes to say it with a smile on her face and a lilt in her voice: “Fuck yeah!”

When she’s sad, she can stretch it out for an impressive amount of time: “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck me.”

But when she’s enraged––and she finds herself enraged quite a bit these days––the words just bubble up and out they come: “Fuck! Fuck you! Fuck it! Fuck off! FUCK!”

I wonder if she’s mad?

To those who tell her that fuck is not a dainty or ladylike word, she says…

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she must be mad II – Robert G Wetzler

In a madmen’s world

Brave & Reckless

“Insanity – a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.”

“We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love.” [R. D. Laing]

In a world run by madmen
She must be mad too
The choice is between
Being mad in the way
They see as sane
Or mad in a different way
One in keeping with her truth
Truth at once new and ancient
One in accord with her nature
And with nature’s nature
This is the sane madness
To change a madmen’s world

Bob Wertzler is retired from almost twenty years in the mental health field in California and Arizona. There are times the title, “Recovering Therapist”, seems to fit. In 2006 he retired to move to Western North Carolina to help and become primary care giver for his father who had developed Dementia. Before all that, there was work at various times as a soldier (US Army…

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she must be mad – Tamara Fricke

Mad, or gone sane?

Brave & Reckless

stark raving
and bat shit smeared
I care nothing for anything
that does not rejoice
in my sister’s curves

that does not dissolve
in the plaited luxury
of her voice

that refuses to surrender
to a body of knowledge
more profound
than Challenger Deep

“she must be mad”
only scratches the surface
of 30 days of bleeding
of 15 years of conceding
of 45 years of screaming
for the dying cacophony
smothered in unrelenting
testosterone leaded folds

I no longer know
when anger and insanity
fused and usurped my blood
but certainty foretells
this red bolt lightning will repeat
with rejoined acuity
singing for the anglerfish
weeping ink in the stalls
equanimously sure
I am not mad
at all

Tamara Fricke is the 2010 co-winner of the Gertrude Claytor Award of the Academy of American Poets and is previously published by The Lyon Review, Meat for Tea, Attack Bear Press…

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she must be mad- Robert G Wertzler

Mad, or Mad? Well, not for nothing is it said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Brave & Reckless

Mad? You say she’s mad?
She must be to so complain
To challenge how it’s always been
To think she could ever be his equal
To deny his right to the use of her
To so fly in the face of the natural order
To not understand that God is male
To seek to define her own place
To not accept there must always be
One above and one below and
Deny his right to be above her
And make him fear
She means to rule over him
No, it is not that sort of “Mad”
It is not insanity
It is rage
It is fed up to barfing
On the lies and bullshit
On the abuse and disrespect
Yes, she is mad, mad as Hell
And she will not be silenced

Bob Wertzler is retired from almost twenty years in the mental health field in California and Arizona. There…

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Happy Birthday, Rachel Maddow!

Calico Jack sending birthday wishes

The Psy of Life

On 1 April 1973 we got the best April Fool’s Day joke in the history of the world, Rachel Maddow was born! She has been setting conservatives on fire ever since! The past few years, especially, would’ve been much more difficult without her on the TV most weekday nights. We certainly mourn her passing from the regularly scheduled programming.

She has been an inspiration to Ye Olde Blogge just in her high standard for accuracy, integrity, reasoning, and liberal values. This blog and so many others would be much shabbier without her inspiration.

Join me in wishing her the happiest of birthdays!

Share this birthday greeting far and wide!

Download it, upload it, copy and paste it, share the link! Everyone needs to wish Rachel a happy birthday!

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Leave you favorite Maddow moment in the comments!

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