A Room of Her Own – Rachael Ikins

A day in a room of her own without walls

Brave & Reckless

Living here, a house of my own, growing my own food, is just the best. I have never been so happy…except maybe as a newly wed. We can take spontaneous walks any time of night or day to the pond. Last night we walked among stripes of blue moonlight and black tree shadows. This morning for the first time ever in her short life, I decided since we were back in the fields and view was clear all around, to let Sassie off-leash. In 5 years she has never lived anywhere where she could run free. Bug, too. I did not take pictures. The joy on her face was indescribable. I will never forget how she looked at me… and she ran and ran and hunted voles in grass clumps and ran some more. In the spirit of being kind to one another in these dark times, I did a…

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