Men explain things to me – Megha Sood

Resisting, fending off

Brave & Reckless

The sharp wind
grazes and cuts my tongue
like your disagreement towards
how I live my life
your pointy misconceptions
about how it has been traded for various things
to give you little pleasures
as the expense of my happiness

the black metallic taste
of my unspoken truths
sits at the back of my throat
mulling in obsidian time
resting precariously on my forked tongue
slithering and infusing that deep
the sense of fear in the roots of your hair
as they stand the back of your neck

I fear the day when my shredded truth
will drip and taints your soul
your pristine soul,
and your rambunctious gesture of owning everything
will crumble like a house of cards
in your phony wonderland

your ramshackle leash around my neck
hasn’t choked me enough
to knock out the wind
out of my chest
those broken rods of resilience
though pounded…

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