Say What You Will

Tara Caribou – a necessary distance

Raw Earth Ink

you see what you want
you say I’m a star, blue and distant
maybe you’re not entirely wrong
I may be distant
but the cold shoulder isn’t without reason
the closer I draw in
your gravity, as such, is a magnet
I’m drowning
or at least
I would be
if not for the cold spaces between
I want to believe every word
every glance, every glimmer of a smile
you say what you want
carefully constructed
and sometimes carelessly tossed
feelings and heart be damned
you played me while I
played you too
hence the newly created expanse
floating forever, seemingly, alone
misheard and misunderstood
and lacking in, well,
all the things that must really matter
to you

tara caribou | ©2022

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