The Bell Jar – Steve Naisbitt

Heart in a jar

Brave & Reckless

When Life finally succeeds
Beats me down
For worms to feed
Vengeful soul
Still able to troll
Will haunt what passes for Khaleesi’s home
Smile made of chain link fence
Cracks with laughter at misplaced Love’s expense
Gifted the soul
Reciprocity the goal
Banshees will wail
Lamenting my fail
Your time and touch – my holy grail
Frowns from the coroner
That dude’s nowt but a borrower
Absurd, my word
Posthumous request he’s never before heard
Cut out my need
Same one that once would bleed
Proudly upon my sleeve
Your abyssal emptiness had somewhere to feed
Displayed in a Bell Jar
You’ll admire from afar
Another trophy trinket
Won’t make you dwell though, will it?
I don’t expect you to care
Least I’ll know you know it’s there…

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Steve Naisbitt claims to have been writing since he could hold a pencil. Consumed by long…

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