Creeper’s Syndrome – Padre

With the wallpaper in the (whatever) room

Brave & Reckless

“What do you make of it?” the detective asked.

“Well Sir,” the constable replied. “The lady seems to have been knocked out or had a seizure of some sort, then the gentleman smothered her to death by burying her under all those sheets of wallpaper.”

The detective shot a glance towards the cowering man, handcuffed in the corner.

“Was he cowering like that when you found him?” the D.I. asked.

“No Sir, he was crawling around the room on all fours, just going in circles and climbing over the body.”

A second constable came to the door and caught the D.I.’s attention. “Sir, there is a doctor downstairs who says she’s some kinda expert on cases like this.”

“Send her up, because this makes no sense to me,” the detective said.

A few moments later a tall, well dressed woman entered the room and offered her hand to the detective…

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