We are not God’s or demons we are just humans – Aj Mac

A bee and a prayer

Brave & Reckless

I lay like Alice amongst the daffodils
Quietly taking in nature’s thrills
A honey bee darts from flower to flower
While I lay wasting hour after hour
I watch with amusement as he flutters
Upwards past the attic and the gutters
Over the roof and way up high
Disappearing into the unending sky
Just minutes ago he disappeared without a trace
Like a moon drunk monster in a space race
I hope that when he decided to fly
High above to take in the bluest eye
He took the time to look down on me
And heard my prayer so that I may too be free
For here on Earth we face sour times
And soon we will have to pay for our crimes
Against the bees and all our surrounds
For we take for granted nature’s bounds
The plants and animals must bemoan
How the planet’s resources we’ve overthrown

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