Against Our Will – Georgiann Carlson

What? Everything.

Brave & Reckless

what isn’t against our will
we’re under paid
have no voice
bossed around by old white rich guys
violence is used to control us
we’re raped beaten and killed
and nothing happens to the men
who do those things to us
men want to control our bodies
many women are forced into dependency
men get to do what they want
and everything else is our job
a lot of men don’t pay child support
we live in fear
our movements
constricted and hampered
by the never ending threat of violence against us
and you want to know what’s against our will
is against our will
we just want the freedom
to be ourselves
but that’s terrifying to the bullies
and the men who keep us under their thumbs
so we are prisoners
in a patriarchal prison
and men are our jailers
pretty much everything is against our will

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