Against Our Will – Robert G Wertzler

A simple truth

Brave & Reckless

I was – what? 10? 11?
No more than that
Curious, I wanted to know
A definition – “sexual intercourse”
Had enough basic anatomy to
Figure what would definitely qualify
But, where was the line? The line between
Not that and that?
Was it kissing?
Was it touching certain places?
(kissing “down there” I knew not of)
I couldn’t just ask, not parents, not teachers
No “birds and bees” talk
No sex ed class
To the dictionary I went
I found no clarity there
No answer to the question
Following the chain of related words
But I came to one of those words
The word was “rape”
It gave clarity to one thing
Whatever the definition of
Sexual Intercourse might be
Without consent
Knowing consent
Competent consent
Free consent
With no tricks
With no threats
With no emotional blackmail
It was beyond wrong,
A crime, a violence
Even as a…

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