Against Our Will (Until A Song Reminds You) – M.A. Morris

The fault, not yours

Brave & Reckless

Trigger Warning: This piece depicts intense and potentially triggering physical abuse and sexual assault.

A song reminds you of all those years ago
Upon the screen words of “survivor”
and “not your fault” inked upon the forearms of a chorus

In a moment,
all the gains of strength and safety cut,
as if by a razor as air is choked off,
and you are held up by the throat,
feet dangling off the ground.
Then slammed into a wall,
the back of your head hitting first.
Fighting blackness, wanting to yield to it for peace,
fear keeps you from giving in,
when another backhand hits across the mouth.
You reel, turn, struggling to move forward.
If you could just make it to the phone,
just to the kitchen, maybe grab a knife,
your thoughts.
Your hair grabbed from behind,
pulls you back, off balance, you fall.

“Get back here, you…

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