The witch doesnt burn in this one – Emily James

Every attack brought the opposite effect.

Brave & Reckless

You did everything to break me
You sang the victims song
You would throw yourself a pity party
King Nothing never doing any wrong

You tried
And you tried
Your actions full of hatred
Your mouth full of lies

I was always beneath you
Always failing to make the grade
But what you never realized
A fighter in me you made

I was sick of being forgotten
I was done being used
And from the seeds of dysfunction
The warrior in me grew

You really thought you beat me
You really thought you won
Well let me tell you something sweetheart
The witch doesnt burn in this one

Emily James is the pseudonym used by Lori Weyandt. Lori’s soul roams from the mountains of Pennsylvania to the mountains of North Carolina. She shares her life with her fiance Brian and her daughter Kirsten.

Her writing can be found at Emily…

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