I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings – Robert G Wertzler

So many voices; So many generations

Brave & Reckless

Have I heard the caged bird sing?
Oh, yes, and she sings so many songs
And in so many ways
Softly, almost secretly she sings
And full throat loud shouting Blues
Or Aria from the opera stage
She sings of what happened
Down By The Greenwood Side
And at Wounded Knee
She sings of ghosts, of Lady Margaret
And Anne walking the bloody tower
With her head tucked underneath her arm
She sings as Carmen of the freedom
To love as she chooses defiant to the end
And Butterfly dishonored and
Her song is the last thing Scarpia hears
She calls out the Hound Dog lover
{Elvis got that from Big Mama Thornton}
And tells Jack to hit the road
She sings the Blues, Rock, Folk, Punk, and more
Every kind and style on every stage and alone
She even sings without words as when
A solo violin voice tells…

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