This Room is Not for Rent

Christine E. Ray – Evicting bad tenants

Brave & Reckless

the Greek chorus
has declared me
damaged beyond repair
incapable of
a “normal” life
“better off dead”
say the well-meaning citizens
than “broken”
preferring the image
of the golden haired
innocent child angel
comforted by a merciful God
to a living angry woman
who refuses to be silent
I try not to let
these voices
rent space
in my head
they are destructive tenants
who forfeit their security deposit
scrawl graffiti
in red lipstick on my walls
I try not
to buy into the vitriol
when they imply
that my life has no meaning
that I am an abomination
a red, raw, bleeding thing
they deem too unseemly
to look upon
unfit for polite society
“Fuck You!”
I want to shout
at the top of my lungs
hands covering my ears
some days
it is hard to find
the armor of my rage

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comic art therapy

EMJE – Another project developing

Quixotic Mama

i have been brainstorming this comic for a week or more. which mostly means i doodle faces while i binge-watch shows (my kids are at their dad’s.)

it is still very much a work in progress…but i do like to share my process with y’all.
i have decided on five main characters…five reluctant mothers.
fun fact, the working title for this comic was: motherfucking twats & cunts. so i think i did manage at least to make it a little more accessible by changing the name to reluctant mothers.
the characters are based on mythological creatures…but they are everyday mums as well.

as always, if you want to support my art & creations, you are welcome to donate funds towards my struggles. you can find paypal information on my love for sale page as well as my artist for hire page, and a ko-fi donation link is…

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