A flood, long building

Brave & Reckless

The Guardians of Propriety
Demanded silence
Clutching their pearls
Pounding their pulpits
Raising their fists
“Speak not of such things!”
They commanded.
The Arbiters of Good Taste
Joined in the chorus
Condemning the ugly noise
The Lawyers of the Powerful
Negotiated settlements with
Non-Disclosure clauses
For years, so it went
For decades
For centuries
Still, it was whispered
Still, it went down in diaries
Still, it was heard in the Confessional
Still, it was told to therapists
Still, spoken low after too much wine
Still, came the advice
“Get over it.”
“Just move on.”
“Quit talking crazy.”
“Here, take this pill.”
And questions went unanswered
“Why did she do it? So sad.”
So it was that a great lake of words
Built up behind that dam.
So many words
So many stories
So much truth
So much pain
So much rage
So much need
Until the dam began to crack

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