Happy First Contact Day

Calico Jack reminds of yet another notable date.

The Psy of Life

On 5 April 2063 — that’s right, in forty-one years — humankind will achieve warp speed and make first contact with Vulcans. That’s First Contact Day.

Maybe it’s a preniversary? Futuruversary? Anywho, for the diehard Trekkie, it’s at least a minor holiday, and one that, you know, you can use to pick up chicks because chicks love Trekkies and Star Trek trivia. Seriously, they do.

True story. In 2014, we stayed in London for the summer. We dined at the Borough Market and sitting at the table behind us was Brent Spiner and his family. The funny thing is, we made eye contact, but I couldn’t think of who he was. He looked familiar. I knew he was famous. He looked like he was ready to be recognized… even wanted to be recognized, but I couldn’t get there.

Enjoy First Contact Day this year and every year.

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