The Monsters Under My Bed – Christine E. Ray

Getting aquainted

Brave & Reckless

some nights
when I am an insomniac
I lay on the floor
and hang out with the monsters
under my bed
I finally introduced myself
afterI tired of them
poking me in the middle of the night
mustered my courage
took a peak

they are quite the motley crew

Vulnerability resembles a giant porcupine
all razor sharp quills
shy gaze
caramel voice
she looks lovely
but it’s hard to get close enough
to really tell

Ragelooks normal enough
as far as monsters go
but when he gets angry
which is often
his skin gets scaly
his eyes turn red
smoke starts to drift out
from his ears and nostrils
I find myself quite attracted toRage
I want to stroke his reptilian skin
sit close to his heat
inhale his smoke
until my eyes burn red too

Invisibilityis pretty quiet
mute actually
not so much invisible
as completely…

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