Our Symphony

Tara Caribou – A music of love

Raw Earth Ink

Silence abounds until I truly listen
Just within hearing plays a melody
Each beat in time with glimpses of you
Your eyes reflecting the shimmer of sunset
Lips turned up in the faintest of smiles
The touch of your fingertips
Brushing the back of my hand

My heart aches in its grip of love for you
Agony or ecstasy
Venom or elixir of life
Flooding tears or wild laughter
On the song plays, note upon note

My words echo in my ear
So do yours
Mine a promise, an oath of sorts
Yours were, well, your own

How simple in its complexity
My love for you haunts my steps
You hold yourself separate
Nearly aloof
You’ve become my tangled enigma
Black velvet or glittery satin

I wish I knew what it is to be for us
I want to tease out the treble and bass
Notes skipping between and across…

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