the violence we inherit

EMJE – Not passing it on

Quixotic Mama

i wonder as i replant all of the basil babies
my son’s cat
dug up in the night
i wonder
was there a voice in my dad’s head that day
a voice that urged him to stop
or to at least take a beat
& think
about what he was doing
as he loaded his gun
or was he too loaded himself
sound voices unable to reach a brain fevered
with the excitement of an excuse
to do violence
what did he think about 
as he blew out my cat’s brains
& destroyed the last of my childhood dreams of love
dreams of feeling loved
of feeling safe
as much as i want to do violence
to my son’s cat
i will not
i know the feeling will pass
i know it is important not to hurt my son
know if is wrong to hurt an animal
who is just…

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Surrender to Decay

Christine E. Ray – Menu to meeting

Brave & Reckless

This was written as a class assignment to take a non-literary piece of writing as a point of inspiration for a piece of creative writing. I used the beer menu from my local brew pub! 

he was half gentleman, not beast
an ever charming sentinel
marked by his military bearing
she found him to have an awake mind
full of blue-eyed soul
relentlessly dry sense of humor

she was sanguine in his presence
reminiscent of aromatic cedar
gently sturdy
she declared him lord invader
of her precious heart

she was imminently crushable
satsuma orange
wildflower honey
a dizzying array
of delicate
balanced by a small portion
of fresh stainless

together they created a home for hope
a classic combination for deliciousness
riding the Darjeeling Express
they chose to
surrender to decay
and dedicate themselves
to the in-house consumption
of a red blended from a variety of small-format oak barrels
and each other

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Available Now – We Lived Like Kings by G.M. Manzi

Tara Caribou announces a new book

Raw Earth Ink

Raw Earth Ink is proud to present G.M. Manzi’s debut poetry book, We Lived Like Kings.

“I’d one day love to spin a tale from yarn weaved from that which brings me joy, peace, and serenity. But the fount of creativity is unfortunately better fed by the spring from which flows my miseries, misfortunes, and unforgiving hatreds.”

G.M. Manzi ruminates the everyday introspection without sugarcoating or special dressing. Read like a friend sharing from his heart on a muggy summer evening in the back yard, pipe in hand, mesmerized by the rising smoke and long pauses between thoughts. He counters rough memories with softer moments and hindsight. Sit back, prop up your feet, and soak in the significant minutes.

A couple of my personal favorites are:

I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy of Mr. Manzi’s book. Available at lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kindle

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That question hinges on the historical meaning of the term in the English language (and even back to ancient Rome in Latin), how it was understood by the framers of the Constitution, why the Second Amendment was written in the effort to get the Constitution ratified by the States, and the usage of the term since that time in legal decisions and legislation. The linked article considers all that in detail with references.