An Infinite Dopamine Loop

Calico Jack – The slippery slope into binge watching:

The Psy of Life

I’ve been stuck in what seems like an infinite dopamine loop. I can’t even remember when it began, but I know when it expanded to take up my whole life like some kind of blob… only I don’t have a cast of exciting young people. Well, maybe I do since I am a teacher and father, but, still, there’s no Steve McQueen in my life. How is that even fair?

Hi. My name is Jack and I’m a binge-watcher. I’ve been binge-watching TV shows. It started small at first. Only an episode or two at a time and only during the weekends. You know. For fun. Then it started to be a couple a times a week in the evenings… and before you know it, I’m watching four five episodes a night every night!

Now, I’m looking for excuses to get begin watching. I’ll only watch an episode during dinner,

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