Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Items in no particular order I found on the internet, from the amazing or just interesting, to the fruits of doom scrolling on (mainly) climate and politics, to the ridiculous and bizarre, and whatever struck my fancy or curiosity:

In an appeal in federal court of a conviction in state courts based on representational incompetence, the plaintiff can no longer present new evidence to show the incompetence or malfeasance.

In so many areas of life we’ve come to assume we have a right to privacy. That assumption may soon no longer apply.

In the post-Roe nation, prosecutors and others will be well aware of how well your phone knows all you do and much of what you think, and will be glad to get the data and use it against you. There are things you can do about that, at least to some degree.

Getting lost down the scrolling rabbit hole? Wonder where the time went?

For many women, it may not be a dickpic, but close enough to swipe away.

We’ve all had the experience many times. Here’s some of how it works.

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