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These people are not just spreading the Big Lie. They are also raising money and urging (even inciting) ordinary people to take actions and make threats. Are they committing fraud, possibly election fraud?

How enmeshed are the Trump enablers with the armed groups who attacked the Capitol? I looks from this reporter’s point of view like they are very much so. I find myself asking who in those groups and in the House and Senate knew about Trump’s intention to go to the Capitol with the attackers, and when did they know it?

Large numbers of Tick-Tockers are very angry with the Supreme Court.

Those who are inclined to think in terms of conspiracies can also be inclined to conspire, even against their allies. It puts me in mind of a hopeful quote from Samuel Johnson: “Combinations of wickedness would overwhelm the world, by the advantage which licentious principles afford, did not those who have long practised perfidy grow faithless to each other.”


Tara Caribou – A battle won

Raw Earth Ink

your fingers trail in the lazy rivers
of my heart
I remember you
I remember you!

you with your troubled past
and a hopeful future
you with the fires of passion
on the corner of your lip
your delicate heart and shy feet
trodding lightly
(you long ago learned
to keep quiet as a mouse)

but you, you have so much
to give the world
oh yes, I remember you
how I longed to rage
against the dragon for you
to rip out the roots of injustice
to baptize you in healing pure waters

in my mind’s eye:
I fought with holy vengeance
sword in one hand
and the terror of light in the other
my mouth pouring forth incantations
of righteous wrath
the dragon reduced
to a whimpering cowering man in the end
but I did not stop
I chopped him to pieces
then trode upon his wicked flesh…

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Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Not all stories about the testimony to the 6/1 committee, and reactions to it, are created equal. Also, I suppose, a reminder for news consumers as well as the news producers.

Does this sound alarmist? Well, we’ve known for more than a generation that conservatives have wanted to reverse all of the changes wrought by Democrats in the New Deal and Great Society programs. This piece discusses the conservative thinking on how to find them unconstitutional.

Interesting secrets of very old poop, but what might it mean in terms of health?