Tonight’s Sun and Moon*

Tara Caribou – Moon shots (the camera kind)

Raw Earth Ink

What a day, I’ll tell ya…

It’s wildfire season again (of course) and Alaska currently has over 250,000 acres burning. ….It sure makes for pretty photos though.

I did not use any filters or manipulate these photos at all. Just taken with my real camera, all a few minutes apart.

I like the clouds

And these clouds too

Even the moon looked pink

Also… I am sad to report that during this session, I knocked over my camera on its tripod, which broke the camera, front and back. I’m super bummed. Phones just don’t take as accurate of photos with all the “smart robots” that are built in and installed. sighhhhh.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

*technically a few days ago, as I have my posts scheduled out a ways.

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