The 6 January Committee, Trump, and the Risk to Our Democracy that White People Perceive

Calico Jack – Will it make a difference?

The Psy of Life

Apparently, the 6 January Committee is doing a bang up job if polls are to be believed, and we all know how predictive polls are of people’s behavior, right? Eighty percent of the public supports common sense gun reform, anyone? Seventy-some-odd percent support Roe, right? Yet, somehow, the GQP keeps getting elected. Ass scratcher, right?

Lots of pundits are wagging their jaws about an ABC/Ipsos poll have found the following:

  • 60% of respondents thought that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber should be prosecuted for the role he played in the insurrection.
    • That’s up from the 50% who thought so either right after the insurrection or even a month ago.
    • A whopping 91% of Democrats think he should be charged.
    • An unsurprising 19% of Republicans think so.
    • And, a comforting 60% of iNdEpEnDeNtS — hopefully the ones who vote and lean Democrat…

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