What say you, America?!

Well, America, what DO you say?

Brave & Reckless

As I continue to mull over the events of the last week, several thoughts have crossed my mind.

Given the Supreme Court’s ruling on gun rights, I think ALL women in the United States should consider purchasing a gun to help assist them in preventing unplanned pregnancies. In fact, arming women and girls could become a popular public health campaign.

“Wear two condoms. Or else.”

In fact, generously arming all women and girls could be effective in reducing the incidence of rape and sexual assaults. If ‘one good guy with a gun’ can prevent a mass shooting, imagine what an entire society of furious armed women and girls could do?!

I think its time for men to take the lead in preventing unplanned pregnancies. They are the more ‘mature’ and ‘rational’ sex, right?!

I recommend that any man or boy who would like to have sex with someone with a…

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