Tara Caribou – A battle won

Raw Earth Ink

your fingers trail in the lazy rivers
of my heart
I remember you
I remember you!

you with your troubled past
and a hopeful future
you with the fires of passion
on the corner of your lip
your delicate heart and shy feet
trodding lightly
(you long ago learned
to keep quiet as a mouse)

but you, you have so much
to give the world
oh yes, I remember you
how I longed to rage
against the dragon for you
to rip out the roots of injustice
to baptize you in healing pure waters

in my mind’s eye:
I fought with holy vengeance
sword in one hand
and the terror of light in the other
my mouth pouring forth incantations
of righteous wrath
the dragon reduced
to a whimpering cowering man in the end
but I did not stop
I chopped him to pieces
then trode upon his wicked flesh…

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